Dual NTP Server NTS 6000

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Dual NTP Server NTS 6000 for time synchronisation of networks

dual ntp server nts-6000
  • Stratum 1 NTP/SNTP IP Network Time Server utilising dual GPS and Radio time references.
  • NTP Version 4
  • Highly accurate: Ethernet NTP output jitter typically within 50 microseconds of UTC.
  • High Reliability: Convection cooled, solid state design.
  • Web based user interface.
  • Free firmware upgrades.
  • 3 Year Warranty.

Product Overview

Galleon Systems NTS-6000-Dual is a 2U high, rack-mountable stratum 1 dual GPS\Radio NTP Server.

An integral GPS receiver constantly tracks up to 12 satellites simultaneously to provide a highly accurate timing reference. A high-gain radio receiver also constantly monitors either the MSF, WWVB and DCF radio transmissions. An ethernet NTP output jitter of less than 50 microseconds is typically achieved.

The unit is a low-power convection cooled device with no moving parts, aiding long term reliability. Our confidence in the reliability of the NTS-6000-Dual is reflected in the provision of a 3 year warranty.

An easy to use password-protected web interface is provided for system configuration and management.

The NTS-4000 series is also available as a MSF/DCF radio based NTP Server, a GPS NTP Server and a dual reference GPS NTP Server.

The NTS-6000-Dual is available with MSF, WWVB or DCF radio antennas. The MSF time signal is available throughout the British Isles andNorth-Western Europe. The DCF signal is available throughout central and western Europe. The weatherproof antenna supplied can bewall-mounted, outdoors if required, up to 150m and upto 1,000m from the NTP server with CAT5 or better structured cabling.

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Product Specification

Accuracy Ethernet NTP < 50 microseconds UTC (typical)
GPS PPS UTC±100 nanoseconds (typical)
Protocols NTP NTP v4, NTP v3, NTP v2
Additional HTTPS, SSL, Syslog
Connectivity Ethernet 10/100 Mbit BaseT , RJ45 auto-sensing
GPS GPS Antenna Connection
Radio Connection CAT5 connectivity
GPS Integral GPS Receiver 12 Channel
Enclosure Construction: 2U High 19" Rack mount, 1.8mm Aluminium
Operating Temperature: 0°C - 50°C
Relative Humidity 95% non-condensing
Power Supply The system will be delivered inclusive of GPS antenna.
Power Supply: 85 ... 260V, 47 ... 63Hz
Warranty 3 Year Warranty.
Extended warranty options available.

Product Codes

NTS-6000-Dual with GPS antenna and MSF radio antenna NTS-6000-GPS-MSF
NTS-6000-Dual with GPS antenna and DCF radio antenna NTS-6000-GPS-DCF

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