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Customer Comments on Galleon System Products

Customers who appreciate Galleons reliability and the long life of our products.

We at Delta Fluid Products have been a Galleon customer for over five years. We needed a time solution, to ensure that our employeemanagement system collected exact clocking from our staff. This was very important to us as these systems are interfaced into our payroll package, andincorrect clocking times would ultimately effect peoples wages.

We opted for a Galleon atomic clock to ensure that this would never happen. The clock was easy to install, reliable and continues tooperate without any requirement for maintenance.

Highly recommended.

Best Regards

Lee Jones
Business Systems Manager
Delta Fluid Products Ltd

We have been using a Time server clock for 10 years now and have relied on this product to keep our Servers and PC's at the correct time.We are more than happy with the products and the support given by Galleon

Kind Regards

Mark Powell
IT Manager
Meggitt Thermal Systems

We are quite happy with your GPS NTP server. We use the device to maintain accurate time throughout our server environment, and to date,this device has worked flawlessly. The GPS antenna is in constant contact with at least 3 GPS satellites, and the unit itself maintainsvery accurate time. The TimeSync software is easy to use, and is very versatile in a mixed server environment. Both our Unix and Windowsservers synchronize their time with your software, and this has led to a accurate scheduling and processing in our applications.

Thank you

Jack Abuin
Mount Sinai Hospital of Queens

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society have used a Galleon clock since 1998 using it with the time sync software. It has given noissues in all this time. The system has reliably kept 1200 workstations and servers synchronised as well as router switches and numerousdevices in this time.

Andrew Winkless

Systems Architect

Norwich and Peterborough Building Society

We purchased a Galleon Server ARC Atomic Radio Clock over five years ago. It was really easy to install, has been reliable and, asidefrom changing the batteries every year, it's zero maintenance.

Above all is it's accuracy. Precise times are paramount in the transport industry to ensure the correct scheduling/timing of our busses.A bus leaving late (or early) is bad news. Time literally is money! Galleon's product fits the bill perfectly.


Stuart Hands
Senior Technical Analyst
Stagecoach UK Bus

Garban Intercapital purchased and atomic clock for their computers in 1998 and then upgraded their software in 2002 to Windows 2000.The text below is their e-mail request for the new driver software.

We bought the Galleon ServerARC around 5th February, 1998, and it has been running successfully on a Compaq Alpha 1000, running Tru64 Unixversion 4.0F. This was the original host also. It has been working away non-stop since the first time we set it up, and we use the host asan NTP Master Clock which all our other hosts synchronise their time with.

Unfortunately, the Alpha 1000 ARC Host is to be retired now, and due to space restrictions we need to remove it from the computer room. Wehave many NT/2000 boxes at our site, one of which has been earmarked as the replacement Master Clock Server for our company. We wouldprefer to make use of this ARC on that server, rather than sync with Internet NTP Sites, hence my email and the need for the WindowsNT/2000 Drivers for the ServerARC.


Peter Michael
Garban Intercapital plc.

I purchased a Galleon Systems PC time clock (serial 003735) around 10 years ago. I use it on my PC within an Astronomical Observatory andit provides me with a precise time to synchronise my telescope. It operates in quite cold conditions in the winter as the Observatorycannot be heated as that would affect seeing conditions. I change the batteries once a year and otherwise it just sits there and operatestrouble free! It has not let me down once in the 10 years and I hope it will continue to operate for many more years to come. Originallythe time application operated under Windows 3.1 and then 4 years ago I upgraded to Windows XP. I am now ready upgrade once more!

I prefer the atomic radio clock signal to GPS as it is instant without any satellite synchronisation.

My problem is that I am upgrading my PC (still to use XP) but have mislaid the driver disk. If you could supply me with a replacementdisk that would be most helpful. I use UTC and not GMT/BST so if you could supply the service version with the ability to see UTC that wouldbe perfect.

Frank Brown
Newcastle upon Tyne

We purchased the device for use within a certificate printing machine at the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich. The machine printscertificates with the exact Greenwich Mean time printed onto it and also drives an LED clock. It was therefore essential we had the timesynchronisation exactly right.

Ben Ryder

IT Technician
RSL Kiosks

Customers who appreciate how easy the Galleon products are to install.

Thought I'd drop you line. I purchased the ServerARC IP65 system and installed it yesterday. Took just five minutes to install andworks a treat.



Basil Moran
IT Manager
Argyll & Clyde Health Board

Customers who appreciate Galleons quality after using competitors products.

We have used various manufacturers atomic clocks in the past, but after a large project in our UK offices, we decided to try Galleon'satomic clocks to see how well these performed in comparison with their competitors.

We have been extremely pleased with fact that the Galleon clocks always receive a signal and with the simplicity of the software for NovellNetware.

Paul Jones
Specialist Network Systems

(Network Systems)

Kas Amsterdam

Customers who appreciate Galleons free technical support for the life of the product.

I went into Tilmanstone Salads yesterday and installed the NTP software without any problems. Thanks for all of your help with this one.Can you say thanks to Andrew in your office as well for his support yesterday.


Noel, Consultant

DCS Solutions, A Division of Kronos

Customers who appreciate Galleons speed of response for technical support.

I would like to thank Mark Neal of Galleon Systems for a very prompt reply to my enquiry about the status of the Rugby Transmitter today(April 3rd).

In fact the reply came in about two hours.

Thanks again Mark.

Colin S Beynon

Galleon products are installed and working around the World, if you require accurate time for a computer network you know that withGalleon you are choosing a proven product that comes with free lifetime technical support and is easy to install and use year after yearafter year.

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