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NTP Time Server with integrated MSF receiver

ntp time server

Product code: NTS-4000-MSF

A complete solution for synchronising the time across computer networks. The Galleon NTS-4000-MSF NTP Time Server combines a MSF receiver with an embedded solid state computer and offers straight forward configuration and management via a network interface.

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Connects directly to Ethernet, fits in a standard 19" rack, 1U high and incorporates a Galleon MSF Computer Clock, with remote MSF antenna that can be positioned up to 150m (450 ft) away as standard. With LCD signal strength display for easy installation, an integral time display and Ethernet CAT5 connection. Software driver for uni-cast, broadcast or multi-cast NTP time synchronization. Conforms to Network Time Protocol.

Key Features

  • Ready-to-operate Secure Stratum 1 NTP Time Server.
  • Support for NTP and SNTP compatible clients
  • Configured across network via a windows configuration utility
  • Flash memory enables software to be upgraded
  • RJ-45 Ethernet interfaces 10/100 MBit
  • Front Panel display for Time and Status
  • Digital wall clocks synchronised via network are optional
  • Includes remote MSF active antenna.
  • Standard antenna cable length up to 150m (450ft).
  • SNTP and NTP support
  • Syslog error reporting
  • Secure proprietary operating system for enhanced security
  • 6 years warranty

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The Galleon NTS-4000-MSF is a standalone "ready-to-run" NTP time server for TCP/IP networks, which comes with network based interface for management and configuration.

The IP address of the unit can be configured by using DHCP to assigning an IP address automatically or a fixed IP address can be used. A display shows run-time information for both the MSF radio time signal and the NTP server.

The NTS-4000 can handle more than 50 NTP requests per second, making it the choice for providing accurate time information to network with multiple clients.


Type of receiver: Remote Active MSF Antenna.
Housing: 19'' case (1U)
Display: LC-display, 2 x 20 characters, with backlight
Scope of supply: The system will be delivered inclusive of MSF antenna.
Network Interface: RJ-45 Network Connection 10/100 MBit
Power supply : 85 ... 260V, 47 ... 63Hz
Temperature: 0 ... 50°C / 32 ... 122°F
Humidity: Max. 85%
Timing Accuracy: Network: +/- 5 milliseconds, typical

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