Radio Digital Wall Clocks

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Radio controlled Wall clock for synchroniising computer networks

Galleon Systems digital wall clocks synchronise to an internet or intranet based NTP or SNTP time server . The NTP time server obtains accurate time from a radio or GPS external timing reference. Timing information is then distributed around an ethernet network to the digital wall clocks. Utilising this method of time distribution reduces product costs and installation, since the need for complex and expensive timing equipment is minimized or even eliminated.

radio controlled digital wall clock

Fig: SNTP controlled digital wall clock

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A NTP time server solution for synchronising the time across computer networks.

nts 4000

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A Network GPS time server used to synchronise computer networks

nts 6001

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Galleon Digital Clocks

used alongside a Galleon timeserver to provide accurate time

digital clock

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GPS Atomic Clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

msf clock

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