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If you want the correct network time on your Windows computer network then you have found the company that specializes in TimeSynchronisation using NTP Servers.

Please view our products, if you don't see what you require just contact us , we specialize inTime Synchronisation and can always modify the standard products to meet your specific requirements.

Solid state rack mount NTP time server NTS-6001-GPS

ntp server

Connects directly to Ethernet, fits in a standard 19" rack, incorporates a Galleon Atomic Clock with remote GPS antenna that can be positioned up to 600 ft (200m) away with LCD signal strength display for easy installation, an integral time display, Ethernet CAT5 connection and Time-Sync NTP network time server Software driver for uni-cast, broadcast or multi-cast time synchronization.

NTP Server for computer networks

Digital Wall Clock for computer networks and standalone

Atomic clock to attach to a computer or server

ntp server

digital clock

atomic clock

Atomic Clock and NTP Time Server Solutions

Galleon specializes in time synchronization solutions to ensure the correct time on computers and computer networks. Using RugbyMSF, Frankfurt DCF, Colorado WWVB or GPS radio atomic clocks and ntp time servers, our synchronization products ensure that your computersand computer networks are accurate to within a fraction of a second of the correct time.

ntp time server

Atomic Clocks For Computers

Computers have inaccurate real-time clocks. Many can loose several minutes each day, on a network accurate time is essential.Galleon can provide the widest range of time synchronization solutions to ensure that the time is accurate to within a fraction of a second. We have solutions to suite every budget.

Using Galleon Atomic Radio Clocks or GPS Precision Clocks you can synchronize your computers time to the most accurate clock inthe world.

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If you need a NTP 4 Time Server then try one of Galleons NTP Server Solutions for accurate timesynchronisation

Galleon has supplied thousands of time Synchronisation solutions to companies across the globe from NASDAQ to BuckinghamPalace.


Best seller


A NTP time server solution for synchronising the time across computer networks.

nts 4000

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A Network GPS time server used to synchronise computer networks

nts 6001

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Galleon Digital Clocks

used alongside a Galleon timeserver to provide accurate time

digital clock

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GPS Atomic Clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

msf clock

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