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MSF receiver modules for synchronising time with MSF signal

To create your own product using the MSF time signal use our MSF receiver modules , they are a complete solution using proven technology.


The following range of modules offers a number of clear benefits: Simple interface options to allow easy integration of accuratetimekeeping into electronic equipment, domestic goods, etc.

A low cost solution using dedicated chips designed specifically to receive the MSF (UK) time signal. The advantage of modules overdiscrete solutions is that the modules include the necessary support electronics, tuned crystals, etc., and are preassembled, tested and inminiature form.

msf receiver

EM2S Receiver Module

When combined with a suitable Antenna the receiver module acts as a complete time code receiver, providing a serial digital data outputstream for external decoding.

The module has a low-power standby mode with maximum 1µA current consumption. In active mode the current consumption is less than 1mA,typically 500µA. The data output is connected internally with an active low open collector npn transistor.

EM2S Receiver Module General Specifications:
Dimensions: 25mm x 13mm x 12mm approx
Nominal operating voltage: +3V DC to 12V DC
Operating voltage range: 2.2V to 15V DC
Recommended voltage range 3V to 5.25V
Current consumption at+3V, active: <1ma
standby: <1µa
Output: Open collector npn transistor, active low
Maximum sink current: 15µA
Maximum collector voltage: +5.25V



This pre-aligned LC tuned ferrite antenna is specifically designed for use with the EM2S Receiver Module.

Antenna General Specifications:
Dimensions: 60mm x 13mm or 100 mm *13 mm
Nominal operating frequency: 60kHz or 77.5KHz depending on model
Resonant frequency: 60kHz ± 300Hz or 77.5 ± 300Hz
Bandwidth (-3dB): <700hz
Sensitivity: > 8µV output voltage with 100µV.m-1 field strength


MCM-RS232 Microcontroller Decoder Module

When combined with the EM2 Receiver Module and the Antenna, this module provides time information in standard RS232 data format via aserial interface. External buffering to full RS232 levels is required and can be achieved using a proprietary RS232 level shifter IC. Theadvantage of the module compared to direct host decoding of the receiver output is the presence of exact decoded time information all ofthe time and no processing overhead. The module also features a real time clock that recalibrates itself against the Atomic Radio TimeSignal when it synchronises with the Atomic Radio Time Signal.

MCM-RS232 General Specifications:
Dimensions: 22mm x 13mm x 5mm approx
Nominal operating voltage: +3V DC
Operating voltage range: +2.4V DC to +3.6V DC
Current consumption at+3V, active: <1ma - standby: <50µa
Inputs:Time code data input (from EM2S), or EM6.
Serial data input (from host PC via suitable level converter)
Outputs:Power control output (for EM2S), Switching output (for external time control), via suitable circuitry.
Serial data output (to host PC via suitable level converter)

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