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NTP Server

A NTP server will provide the correct network time on your computer network using the Network time protocol (NTP). Network Time Protocol can be used to synchronise the time on computers across a network. A NTP time server is used to obtain the correct time from a time source and adjust the local time in each connecting computer.

NTP Servers are used for computer networks that cross time zones and continents to low cost solutions for small stand alone PC's. The Galleon GPS NTP Server will synchronise the time on Windows 2000, NT and XP networks, supplying the correct time for computer networks.

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ntp server

NTP Server - To synchronise the time on large commercial networks. A reliable Network Time Server that can supply time across computer domains and continents for Windows, LINUX, UNIX, and NOVELL operating systems.

ntp server

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Title : NTP Server - Galleon specialises in providing accurate NTP server solutions for computers and computer networks. Our products can synchronise computers within fractions of the correct time.
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Link : https://www.atomic-clock.galleon.eu.com
Title : Accurate timekeeping is vital to accurate records, and accurate logs are the mainstay of good system administration. Glenn Graham explains NTP (the Network Time Protocol) and how to put it to work on your network.
Link : http://www.linuxdevcenter.com/pub/a/linux/2003/01/02/ntp.html
Title : The NTP Project conducts Research and Development in NTP and produces the Official Reference Implementation of NTP along with the Implementation Documentation. Background information about NTP, along with briefings and a bibliography, are available at the Network Time synchronisation Project page.
Link : www.ntp.org
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A NTP time server solution for synchronising the time across computer networks.

nts 4000

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A Network GPS time server used to synchronise computer networks

nts 6001

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Galleon Digital Clocks

used alongside a Galleon timeserver to provide accurate time

digital clock

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GPS Atomic Clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

msf clock

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