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Network Synchronisation

Galleon's network time synchronisation products provide automated time distribution solutions thus allowing for an accurateand consistent setting of the time on business servers and desktops. By making the setting of accurate, synchronised time automated for all of your network system components, Galleon can save you time and money. A proven, system-independent solution for global time synchronisation, Galleon offers reliability and certainty.

Network Time synchronisation can be a major part for many commercial organizations thatrely on a network of computers, all of which use clocks that are the main source of time for files or operations they handle.

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When network time synchronisation on these systems does not exist and time varies on each one or varies with the correct time - important data can be lost, processes can fail, security is compromised, and companies can lose credibility with customers and business partners. as speed, memory and capability of computers are increasing at an exponential rate, the accuracy, precision and the synchronicity of time becomes even more important in sustaining, high quality operations.

network synchronisation

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A NTP time server solution for synchronising the time across computer networks.

nts 4000

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A Network GPS time server used to synchronise computer networks

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Galleon Digital Clocks

used alongside a Galleon timeserver to provide accurate time

digital clock

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GPS Atomic Clock providing time synchronisation for computer systems

msf clock

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