Atomic Clocks for computer time synchronisation

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Atomic clocks for computer and network time synchronisation

Atomic Clocks

With Galleon being specialists in time synchronisation using Atomic Clocks , they are able to offer a wide range of standard solutions plus bespoketime synchronisation product designs if required. Atomic Clocks are known to be the most accurate clocks in the world and are often used by government bodies to define the absolute time.

The time is transmitted from radio stations in North America and Europe. The radio signal sent out is the signal that Atomic Radio Clocks use to ensure they have the correct time and date.
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Atomic clocks allow the computer to have time accuratcy to 1 second loss in 1 million years, this also includes automatic change for summer/winter time.Atomic clocks work by checking the computer system and alsoother equipment used for time accuracy on a network or for time synchronisation.

They address computer systems, and other equipment that require accurate time for networks, logging of data and time synchronisation, for example time and attendance systems. The Atomic Clock time signal transmitter uses either W.W.V.B, DCF, and MSF. At Galleon they are focused on supplying cost effective computer and electronic support equipment, to the market of time synchronisation.

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