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NTP servers - all about them

Galleon Systems has a comprehensive range of NTP time servers and time synchronisation equipment for computers and computer networks.

Our NTP time servers can accurately synchronise to MSF, WWVB, DCF or GPS time sources and provide a stable source of time to network time clients. Network time clients can be synchronised to within milliseconds of the correct time.

Time synchronisation of clients on a network ensure that time critical processes can proceed without error.


Network Time Protocol is a service extensively used to synchronise the network time clients on a TCP/IP network. Network time client software is available for: Windows NT/2000/XP, 95/98/Me, Vista, Server 2003, Novell, LINUX, UNIX, and IBM AS/400.

NTP involves passing of small packets of timing information to client machines from a time server. Accuracies of better than 50ms are usually attainable depending on network structure.

SNTP is entirely compatible with NTP but is a simplified version that does not implement some of the more complex timing routines.

NTP and SNTP Clients

Any client machine that requires synchronisation with an NTP server must have NTP or SNTP client software available. This is provided as standard with many operating systems such as Linux, UNIX, Novell, Windows 2000, XP and Server 2003.

Many older operating systems such as windows 95/98/Me require third party NTP software to synchronise to a NTP server.

NTP can also be used to synchronise many hubs, switches and other equipments by specifying the IP address of a network time server.

Installing two or more ntp time servers onto a network can provide a network with timing fault tolerance. If a time server malfunctions or fails to synchronise, NTP clients can be configured to automatically switch to an alternate server.


  • Highly accurate dedicated NTP time server.
  • NTP Version 4 compliant.
  • 1U High 19" Rack-mount enclosure.
  • Reliable industrial PC based.
  • Flash based Linux operating System.
  • Available with MSF, WWVB, DCF or GPS receivers.

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A NTP time server solution for synchronising the time across computer networks.

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