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Computer time clock synchronisation to atomic time

Using the SNTP client TimeSynch and a Galleon Workstation ARC or Server ARC Clock you can have Computer time clock Synchronisation to the absolute correct atomic time.

computer time clock synchronisation

TimeSynch SNTP client; is the software required in order for you to synchronise the time on Windows based PC's, workstations andservers across a network. the time is broadcasted from a ntp time server, at timed intervals which are specified by the user. all theservers, workstations and pc's running of the TimeSynch SNTP client software will receive the time broadcast and then this checks the timesent from the NTP Time Server against its current system time, if there is a difference then TimeSynch SNTP Client will then automaticallycorrect the system time so all network computers will be synchronised to the correct time.

Correct Time

A Galleon ARC-Clock or GPS-Clock provides the secure accurate external time source that is required to synchronise the TimeSynch NTPServer to the correct absolute auditable time.Time-Synch is a network software that conforms to the industry standard SNTP (Simple NetworkTime Protocol), which allows the synchronisation of every workstation and server on a Windows, network to the same correct time.


  • Correct time synchronised across your network on; servers, workstations, hubs, routers and switches.
  • TimeSynch conforms to the industry standard NTP (Network Time Protocol) so when you add new hardware like CISCO hubs that incorporateNTP these can synchronise to the correct time from the TimeSynch NTP time server.
  • Accurate network time across the whole network.

All types of organizations all over the world (America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East) are already using Galleon Atomic RadioClocks; we synchronise time across the globe for organizations as diverse as NASDAQ to Buckingham Palace. Other customers include DaimlerChrylser, 3M, GlaxoSmithKline, Kellogg's, Sharp and Shell.

TimeSynch SNTP client.

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Software to synchronise the time on client PC's, workstations and Windows servers across a Network. This client software requires thatat least one TimeSynch NTP server with an Atomic Radio Clock or GPS Clock attached to be configured and active on the network. Clientsoftware runs on Windows XP, 2000, NT, 95, 98, and 3.1

timesynch client software

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