Linux Time Server to synchronise the time on Linux computer

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Linux time server for computers

Linux Time Serverto synchronise the time on LINUX computer. Using time from GPS satellites ensures the Galleon LINUX Time Server is accurate to fractions of a second providing accurate time for your computer network.

Linux Time Server

A software driver will take the UTC time and update the Linux server, which can then be used to distribute the time across the network using standard Linux NTP commands.

Product Code: GPS - C/Linux

Software supplied with the Galleon Server GPS Clock:

Software for Linux, UNIS Redhat, AIX is supplied to synchronise the time on a server.

All types of organisations all over the world (America, Europe, Australia, and the Middle East) are already using Galleon Atomic Radio Clocks; we synchronise time across the globe for organisations as diverse as NASDAQ to Buckingham Palace. Other customers include Daimler Chrylser, 3M, GlaxoSmithKline , Kellogg's, Sharp and Shell.

Server GPS Clock Linux. Provides accurate time in any location world-wide by tracking up to 12 satellites, it supplies this time to a user display and to the computer via a serial interface (RS232).

The software driver will synchronise the time on a single Linux Server. Consists of mains powered GPS Computer Clock with remote antenna up to 1,000m (3,000 ft) away, serial interface, LED Time signal display and power supply. Guaranteed to obtain a signal.

Product Code: GPS - C/Linux

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